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Natick’s TwinStrata unveils their Innovative and Pioneering Enterprise Cloud Storage Solutions today at NYC’s Cloud Expo April 20, 2010

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(TwinStrata is part of EMC Velocity Atmos Partner Program, enabling Intelligent Storage Clouds)

TwinStrata, Inc., founded in 2007 and based in Natick, Massachusetts, debuts today at the Cloud Expo in NYC with its vision for intelligent storage cloudsolutions. Taking an innovative approach, the company is bringing to market cloud storage enablement software solutions to help mid-sized companies in a variety of industries address challenges related to protecting and managing the growth of business application data.

twinstrata logo

The software company develops software products for planning and deployment of data availability solutions. It offers CloudArray software, a software-based iSCSI cloud storage data gateway that presents block-based storage to applications, provides solution to protect and store data, and supports data protection and archiving applications; PHD Virtual esXpress and Vizioncore vRanger Pro data protection platform for backup, recovery, and data archiving; and Veeam backup and replication solutions. The company also provides Clarity AP assessment and planning software for disaster recovery assessment and planning. TwinStrata, Inc. solutions provide application connectivity to private and public cloud storage by delivering a software data gateway to enable integration with in-house information technology (IT) and data availability. It offers its products through a network of IT service providers, systems integrators, original equipment manufacturers, and direct to end users, as well as through its Website.

TwinStrata is a market innovator producing storage solutions for the data center enabling application data flexibility and agility for today’s business needs and tomorrow’s growth. Its flagship product, CloudArray software, enables companies to take advantage of dynamic and cost effective Cloud storage resources and accommodate application data growth with little to no capital investment in IT infrastructure. TwinStrata solutions are designed to meet the needs of mid-sized businesses on up to large enterprise infrastructures.

TwinStrata offers its products through a network of IT service providers, systems integrators, OEMs, direct to end users and through its own Website. TwinStrata is a privately held software company with offices in Natick, Massachusetts that brings together years of expertise in enterprise storage systems.

TwinStrata is a pioneer in the Cloud Storage Enablement (CSE) market with the industry’s first purpose-built architecture and software solution to enable Intelligent Storage Clouds (ISC). ISC deliver simple, affordable and secure storage solutions to enterprise environments. TwinStrata’s solutions address the business need for on-demand IT services, providing new levels of business agility, efficiency, IT alignment and cost management for protecting and managing the growth of business application data. For more information about TwinStrata:

Web: http://www.twinstrata.com Blog: http://blog.twinstrata.com

Operational Challenges of Data Management

Today’s IT data management teams are tasked with selecting solutions that maintain the integrity and availability of data, especially higher value data related to business critical applications. Storage-related solutions need to easily and quickly scale to accommodate future data growth and not require capital intensive upgrades when capacity limits are reached. They must support multiple data formats for all types of business applications. In addition, companies should understand the impact an application outage will have on each line-of-business or on the company as a whole in order to implement appropriate data recovery operations.

Cloud Technology Ecosystems

To help companies achieve business agility and efficiency, IT alignment and cost management, several ecosystems started by industry-leading vendors have emerged. EMC with its EMC Atmos Velocity Program and Amazon with its Amazon Web Services are each an example of an ecosystem of solution providers developing cloud enablement solutions that leverage their respective cloud services. These ecosystems will have a significant impact on storage cloud adoption.

Corporations using solutions from these ecosystems benefit from the cloud. They can now instantly respond to changing business requirements by taking advantage of an adaptable infrastructure and adding resources as needed. Storage cloud infrastructures eliminate lengthy change management cycles when bringing new storage infrastructure online and optimize IT administrative processes to drive efficiency and improve staff productivity.

“Cloud enablement solutions, like the one TwinStrata offers, will help accelerate corporate cloud storage adoption,” said Terri McClure, a senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Companies can realize the availability, security and performance characteristics of local storage, without the capital investment and overhead of housing and managing storage themselves.”

“TwinStrata is working with customers around the world and with industry-leading global technology companies to define and develop intelligent storage cloud architectures and solutions,” said TwinStrata CEO & Co-Founder Nicos Vekiarides.

“The EMC Velocity2 Atmos Partner Program demonstrates our commitment to deliver innovative storage solutions that address the growing needs of our partners seeking to leverage cloud infrastructure. We believe there is an opportunity and approach to cloud storage that delivers financial and functional benefits to both our Partners and the Customers they serve,” said Mike Feinberg, Senior Vice President of EMC Cloud Infrastructure Group. “By making our cloud infrastructure accessible and allowing easy API integration, we enable our partners to develop cloud enablement solutions to help customers realize business agility, drive IT operational efficiency, and improve cost controls. We are pleased to work with TwinStrata to embrace and deliver real-world business value to our joint customers, globally.”

Intelligent Storage Cloud, Cloud Enablement Solutions

Intelligent storage clouds consist of storage-as-a-service offerings combined with intelligent cloud storage enablement solutions. Cloud storage enablement solutions address the primary concerns that users have expressed regarding enterprise IT adoption of cloud storage solutions and deliver the following features:

    – Compute Anywhere™ application accessibility: on/off-premise, in the cloud.

    – Non-disruptive integration with business applications.

    – Support for all industry file systems and block-level access.

    – Intelligent caching architecture that delivers local performance.

    – Support for virtual and physical IT environments.

    – Ease of deployment, ability to manage in self-service manner via UI, CLI and API.

    – Local and cloud data copies, zero-footprint snapshots.

    – Encryption for security.

    – Bandwidth savings via caching, compression, deduplication.

    – Support for multiple cloud providers, with data mobility across providers.

    – Support for providers that offer SLAs for regulatory & compliance requirements.

TwinStrata Management Team:

    Nicos Vekiarides, CEO

    John Bates, CTO

    Patrick Davenport, VP Business Development

    Nicholas Kourtis, VP Operations

    John Bates, CTO

    Craig Halliwell, VP Sales

    Robert Infantino, Senior Corporate Advisor

TwinStrata, Intelligent Storage Cloud, Cloud Enablement Solutions, Ecosystem, Manage Business Application Data, Compute Anywhere Application Accessibility, “Secure, Anywhere, Anytime Application Accessibility”

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LA’s Magneto Software, Open Source Ecommerce Platform Powerhouse, Raises $22.5 Million and gets ready to kick sand in kümmerlich Demandware’s face March 22, 2010

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You’ve read here before about the grimmig shape Woburn’s (and Deutschland’s) tiny non-IPO’ing Demandware looks to be in right about now. Well, things are looking even worse for the durchfallend company today, as Los Angeles-based Open Source Ecommerce Platform Powerhouse Magneto Software has announced they have raised $22.5 Million Green American Dollars from a group of undisclosed investors, and their armies are on the march. The never-humble, always self-serving Demandware founder, Stephan Schambach, no doubt reeling from his company’s dimming IPO hopes and shrinking client base, has recently been picking a series of kindlich fights with the American company with a tutonic bluster that would have made Field Marshall Von Kesselring blush. As usual, Demandware has trotted out an endless series of their own marketing and PR flaks to churn out schadenfreude “press releases” denying that they are caught in an Open Source Crossfire reminiscent of the Kessel at Stalingrad. Even Demandware’s Ulrike Müller, “Chief Software Architect” (of Germanic dinosaur J2ee code bloat?) has chimed in with a completely unbiased bit of ranting. Now LA’s Magneto (taking the metaphor further) has scored a major victory with an enourmous $22.5 Million dar Bozhii, or “gift from God,” of an investment from a group of undisclosed investors, which they will undoubtedly use to beat Demandware over the head with. It’s put up or shut up time, Schlaubergern!

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Lowell based Kadient, on demand sales apps maker, names Authoria Inc. veteran Elizabeth Ricci Senior VP of Products November 23, 2009

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Lowell, MA -based Kadient, a maker of on demand sales enablement applications, has named Authoria Inc. veteran Elizabeth Ricci Senior VP of Products. Elizabeth was formerly Senior Vice President of Products at Authoria.

Needham MA based Chargify, recurring billing tools provider, has named Lance Walley CEO November 17, 2009

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Needham MA based Chargify, recurring billing tools provider, has named Lance Walley CEO. Lance was formerly CEO of Engine Yard, which he co-founded. Engine Yard provides Ruby-on-Rails applications hosting “In the cloud”.

Waltham MA based Axeda raises $9 Million from JMI Equity & MMV Financial November 2, 2009

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Axeda, the Waltham, MA-based startup that makes a cloud-based system for wireless tracking of company assets, announced this month that it had completed a $5 million Series B funding round led by JMI Equity of San Diego and Baltimore. At the same time, the company announced that it had raised $4 million in venture debt from MMV Financial of Toronto.

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