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Structuring Venture Capital Deals: M.I.T. Enterprise Forum Panel Discussion (Video) December 1, 2009

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Structuring Venture Capital Deals: M.I.T. Enterprise Forum Panel Discussion (2-Hr Video)

With Joseph Hadzima, Jr., Moderator. Jorge Contreras, Jr., Stanley Fung, Gregory Moore, Paul Severino

Hosted by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum

20 January, 2000
MIT’s Kresge Auditorium, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Although this presentation was given at a different era and time in the Boston venture capital ecosystem life cycle, nonetheless the august panel does a superb job of presenting the material concisely and throughly, to the point of making this video a must-watch not only for the methodical outlining of the step-by step preparations an entrepreneur must make before approaching venture capitalists for equity funding for their companies, but also for the exhaustive definitions of venture capital deal terms and deal points given and the illuminating perspectives offered by the various parties involved in a venture capital deal for a venture capital funded company.

This video lasts approximately two hours. I was in attendance at the conference, and if you look very closely, you can see me in the audience in one of the audience questions shots, during the questions-and-answers period after the primary discussions (I’m in a suit and tie).

Please leave comments as to how you think things may have changed in the time since this presentation, how things may have remained the same, and how perspectives and deal flows and volumes may have changed or stayed the same.

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