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Boston Area Video Game Companies (list) April 17, 2009

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Boston Area Video Game Development Companies (list)

List of Boston area video game companies

Company – Location

2EastMusic – Cambridge, MA
2K Boston – Quincy, MA
360KID – Newton, MA
38 Studios – Maynard, MA
7-128 Software, LLC – Salem, MA
Activeworlds.com, Inc. – Newburyport, MA
All inPlay – Oxford, MA
Anzovin Studio – Amherst, MA
Arcane Journeys – Northampton, MA
ATI Research – Marlborough, MA
Blink Music – Cambridge, MA
Blue Fang Games – Waltham, MA
Blue Sky Red Design LLC – Somerville, MA
Cecropia – Lexington, MA
Chapter 11 Studios – Cambridge, MA
CogniToy – Acton, MA
Conduit Labs – Cambridge, MA
Cosmic Blobs – Concord, MA
Crate Entertainment – Cambridge, MA
CREAT Studios – Canton, MA
Dejobaan Games – Northborough, MA
Demiurge Studios – Cambridge, MA
Digital Fauxtography – Williamstown, MA
East Coast Games, Inc. – Milford, MA
Evolver – Warner, NH
FableVision – Boston, MA
Fastestmanintheworld Music – Exeter, NH
Fat Frog Studios – Millis, MA
Fire Hose Games – Cambridge, MA
Floodgate Entertainment – Cambridge, MA
Funkitron, Inc. – Boxford, MA
Galactic Village Games – Westford, MA
Gale Games – Greenfield, MA
GameLogic, Inc. – Waltham, MA
Greater Family, LLC – Ridgefield, CT
Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. – Cambridge, MA
ImaginEngine Corp. – Framingham, MA
Injoy Games – Brookline, MA
Macguffin Games – Waltham, MA
Max Gaming Technologies, LLC – Newton, MA
Mecha Software, LLC – Brockton, MA
Metaversal Studios – Boston, MA
Moonset Studios Corp. – Nashua, NH
Motus Games – Cambridge, MA
Muzzy Lane Software – Newburyport, MA
Orbus Gameworks – Cambridge, MA
Paul Hake Productions – Greenfield, MA
Pileated Pictures – Shelburne Falls, MA
Play Hard Sports – Foxborough, MA
Pod Design – Lexington, MA
Rockstar New England – Andover, MA
Small Fry Studios – Cambridge, MA
SONiVOX – Somerville, MA
Sports Mogul, Inc. – Medford, MA
Stock’s Eye – Granby, MA
Tilted Mill Entertainment, Inc. – Wellesley, MA
Turbine, Inc. – Westwood, MA
Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment – Ashland, MA
Vermont Digital Arts – Guilford, VT
Whatif Productions – Belmont, MA
Wicked Noise – a division of The Troupe – Windham, NH
WorldWinner.com – Newton, MA

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1. hubtechinsider - October 29, 2009

38 Studios – Maynard

Blue Fang Games – Waltham

Cecropia – Lexington

Creat Studios – Canton

Dejobaan Games – Northborough

Demiurge Studios – Cambridge

Floodgate Entertaiment – Cambridge

Funkitron – Boxford

Galactic Village Games – Westford

Harmonix Music Systems – Cambridge

Helixe / THQ – Burlington

Injoy Games – Brookline

Irrational Games – Boston

Magic Hat Software – Westwood

Metaversal Studios – Boston

Muzzy Lane – Newburyport

Rockstar New England (formerly Mad Doc Software) – Andover

Sports Mogul Inc. – Medford

Tilted Mill Entertainment – Wellesley

Turbine, Inc.- Westwood

Twitchy Thumbs Entertainment – Ashland

WorldWinner – Newton

**Now Defunct:

Iron Lore

Stainless Steel Studios

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