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Two Massachusetts firms help to build a future green US auto industry May 23, 2009

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In the modular, green, future US automobile industry, there are scores of agile automotive component companies that are only too eager to research and develop the next generation of innovative US-based automobile solutions. Two Massachusetts-based firms are working on creating some essential new technologies to enable the US auto industry to regain its innovation edge.

A123 Systems, based in Watertown, is producing advanced nanophosphate lithium-ion batteries that are intended for use in electric automobiles. Both Chrysler and Norway-based electric carmaker Think are laying plans for using the batteries in their future models.

GEO2 Technologies,  based in Woburn, is developing a new type of rigid ceramic diesel fuel filter that exhibits sponge-like properties. The design facilitates increased airflow, which reduces back-pressure and is capable of enhancing a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and boosting power output. The technology may also have applications in providing more pickup to smaller gas engines used in hybrids and other enhanced MPG automobiles.

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