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What are the qualities of bad software code? How can you tell if your software project has bad code? July 12, 2011

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What are the qualities of bad code? How can you tell if your software project has bad code?

Troubled software projects and bad code are facts of life in the software business. Today’s applications, system software, even embedded and operating systems programming is increasing being outsourced or at least distributed.

The need for being able to quickly evaluate the quality of software code, describe any known issue in simple aterms and then execute on a planned approach to rectify these issues is greater than ever.

A common vocabulary for project teams, refactoring engineers, and project managers and stakeholders is of a fundamental assistance in manageing software development projects.

You may find yourself sitting in a meeting or conference room or perhaps on a conference call with a group of computer programmers who are discussing some sections of code, or if you are particularly unlucky, perhaps an entire application of software development project, that is troubled using some of these below listed terms. After each of these negative, “bad code” terms I have tried to describe what is meant by each of these terms for bad software. After each description, I list the term for the opposite, positive “good code” quality contrary to the bad code quality.

1. Fragility: When changes in the software code cause the system to break in places that have no conceptual relationship to the part that was changed. This is a sign of poor design. The opposite of fragility is known as robustness.

2. Immobility: When the code is hard to resuse. The opposite of immobility is known as re-usability.

3. Needless complexity: When the design is more elaborate than it needs to be. This is sometimes also called “Gold plating”. The opposite of complexity is known as simplicity.

4. Needless repetition: This occurs when cut-and-paste of code segments is used too frequently. The opposite of repetition is known as parsimony.

5. Opacity: When the code is written in such as manner as it is not clear. The opposite of opacity is known as clarity.

6. Rigidity: When the design is hard to change because every time you change something, there are many other changes needed to other parts of the system. The opposite of rigidity is known as flexibility.

7. Viscosity: When it is easier to do the wrong thing, such as a quick and dirty fix, than the right thing. The opposite of viscosity is known as fluidity.

In order for your software development project to feature the opposite, more desirable positive qualities to the ones listed above, your project must exhibit a good software architecture, solid software design, and effective coding practices.

For further reading on this topic, I highly recommend the excellent book by R.C. Martin, “Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices“, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 2002.

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1. cameronoceanz - July 13, 2011

Good outlook on this… haven’t really discussed bad code but everyone knows its out there.

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