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BizCloud Introduces BizCloud Corporate Blogging Solution June 28, 2010

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BizCloud, a leading provider of cloud technology and marketing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, has announced BizCloud Corporate Blogging Solution as the latest addition to their online business marketing solutions. This offering is designed for businesses that are looking to leverage the most effective online marketing tool to help them create and maintain online awareness and communicate their business message to a broader web audience. BizCloud Corporate Blogging Solution gives businesses an opportunity to open up new communication channels with their customers, share expertise, and generate more web traffic.

Corporate blog offers great number of benefits to businesses that integrate it into their online marketing strategy. It allows businesses to differentiate themselves from competition, achieve higher rankings and greater visibility on the search engines, generate more leads, build brand awareness, and much more. BizCloud Corporate Blogging solution leverages BizCloud’s professional bloggers to produce capturing content on behalf of clients’ companies and convey the most engaging business and industry news to large demographics of potential partners and customers.

Vahid Razavi, President and Founder of BizCloud.net, states, “BizCloud Corporate Blogging provides exceptional levels of integrated Corporate Marketing Solutions and business marketing strategy that is flexible enough to augment the current marketing of a company, or to establish new offerings.”

BizCloud Corporate Blogging Solution is suitable for companies at all stages of development. From startup companies looking to establish a regular online awareness, to industry leaders interested in providing a higher level of insight to their customers, no business can ignore the impact of effective online marketing on its bottom line. Through BizCloud’s proven, cloud based blogging platform, companies can keep their customers and partners informed and tuned in at all times. Content is written on behalf of customers by experienced BizCloud marketing staff, and customized to the specific market and industry segment they operate in.

All Blog Posts can be maintained on BizCloud Network for free, or replicated on a separate corporate blog leveraging WordPress Blog Platform. Effective online communication requires a new approach, integrating the best business content, syndication, technology, and outreach that BizCloud can provide.

About BizCloud:

Based in San Francisco, California, and offices in Europe and Asia, BizCloud (www.bizcloud.net) is an online business social utility focused on technology and cloud innovations to assist small business owners. BizCloud has mastered the art of integrated delivery alliances of cloud computing infrastructure, BPM platforms, business applications and service delivery organizations to deliver large inclusive customer outcomes for business owners. These Cloud Integrated delivery alliances cover Sales, Marketing, Operations and Engineering solutions customized to individual business needs.

For additional information, contact: marijana@bizcloud.net


1. Ncvvxti - July 18, 2010

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