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Top 20 Reasons the Boston Celtics are going to Win Game Seven of the NBA Finals tonight in Los Angeles June 17, 2010

Posted by HubTechInsider in events.

The Boston Celtics

Top 20 Reasons why Coach Seibert’s Boston Celtics are bringing home NBA Championship Banner #18 tonight by Winning Game Seven of the NBA Finals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles:


2. PP loves playing in L.A., he’s from Inglewood: it’s a home game for him. Always plays well there.

3. Rasheed Wallace and Big Baby Davis, plus Scal, is enough to win tonight in place of Perk.


5. Ray Allen is due to have a “Shoot the lights out of the Gym” night. Jesus Shuttleworth, Baby!

6. Did you see the look in KG’s face after Game Six? I’m unable to pick the other team to win Game Seven after seeing it, myself.


8. The Celtics are one of the best road teams in the NBA – during their terrible regular season. In the playoffs, they have won a lot of road games.

9. The Celtics can win in L.A., have won there, and will win there again tonight. They lead the season series with the Lakers there.

10. The Celtics have three players that are going to the Basketball Hall of Fame, possibly four, on their starting five. They can win tonight in L.A., and they will win tonight in L.A.


12. There is more at stake, all told and all combined, for the Celtics players tonight. Numbers retired or not, contracts, legacies as the greatest Celtics ever, Rondo and Ray and KG could possibly eventually have their numbers retired if they win another title. PP would be on equal terms with Bird as a Celtic. A squillion dollars to be made.

13. The Celtics are still the better team, and have over performed, whereas the Lakers were expected to be here. The Boston Celtics are never favored as a team, and nobody is picking them. Their backs are against the wall and they are cornered and pissed off. They love being hated.

14. The Balloon Game could be reenacted tonight. A win would seal the legacies of this Boston Celtic team as being mentioned as one of the best teams in NBA and Celtics franchise history.


16. Pick a Gipper, any Gipper. Perk? Doc Rivers? Tom Thibodeau? The Big Three? The Celtics don’t need to search far for motivation.

17. Rajon Rondo is the best guard on the floor when they play the Lakers. He’s an absolute phenom and tonight he’s gonna bring it.

18. Whenever the odds have been stacked against them, the Celtics show the heart of a champion. Their season has defied all logic. NBA historians will look back from the future and be baffled by how it all played out for the Celts this season.

19. The Boston Celtics have too much heart to be denied tonight.



1. JenneyJay - June 17, 2010

They put in SCAL!

2. hubtechinsider - June 20, 2010


This is why Brian Scalabrine was and is such a fan favorite in Boston. Scal will always be considered a true Celtic.

…and they *did put him in, and he *did* provide some lockdown defense!

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