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Online Music Video Game Developer Conduit Labs, based in Cambridge MA, raises $3 Million in equity funding October 30, 2009

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Conduit Labs, the Cambridge, MA-based maker of music-driven online games such as Loudcrowd, has collected $3 million in new equity financing, SEC Regulatory documents filed September 15 reveal. Conduit founder and CEO Nabeel Hyatt has publicly stated to a leading technology publication, Mass high Tech, that the funding came from Charles River Ventures of Waltham, MA, and Prism VentureWorks of Westwood, MA; Prism VentureWiorks also provided Conduit’s $5.5 million Series A round concluded in August 2007.

Wilbraham MA based FloDesign Wind Turbines prototypes are 3 times more efficient than 3 bladed windmills October 30, 2009

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Using design features borrowed from jet engine design, Wilbraham, MA -based FloDesign Wind Turbine has produced prototypes capable of producing electricity three times more efficiently than conventional, three-bladed wind mill designs.

In FloDesign’s prototype, two concentric hoops channel air into patterns that create spinning vortexes – like minature tornadoes – as the exiting air passes the turbine blades, dramatically boosting air flow.

Wilbraham, MA's Flodesign Wind Turbines

Wilbraham, MA's Flodesign Wind Turbines

Unlike conventional windwills, FloDesign’s model can be transported on one truck, compared with three trucks for conventional wind mills. The new design can produce electricity at lower wind speeds and in the midst of more volatile wind gusts, making it a shoo-in for spots – like beaches and cities – that have until now been inhospitable for wind power generation.

Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers committed $6 million to the company in 2008. The company also has raised funds from the U.S. Department of energy and hopes to raise an additional $25 million later this year.

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