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Aeronautica Windpower LLC to manufacture commercial-sized wind turbines in New England April 21, 2009

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logoAeronautica Windpower LLC, a Plymouth company that refurbishes wind turbines, is expected to say today that it has reached a deal with a Danish company to open a factory to manufacture commercial-size turbines.

Aeronautica said it is already scouting New England for sites for the facility, which initially will employ up to 100 people to make turbines under an exclusive licensing agreement with Norwin A/S, a turbine technology company in Denmark.

The plant will produce 225-kilowatt and 750-kilowatt machines, suitable for wind projects at schools, municipal facilities, and shopping centers. Company officials said they hope to power the facility with its own turbine.

The company plans to continue to operate its Plymouth refurbishing business.

“There is a large market for wind power in the region because of our high power costs,” Aeronautica spokesman Brian Kuhn said in a statement.

Ian Bowles, secretary of the state’s Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, said demand for turbines is growing following the passage of legislation to support renewable energy. He added that the state is working with Aeronautica to have the turbine plant located in Massachusetts.

Aeronautica’s move into manufacturing could help the state reach Governor Deval Patrick’s goal of having 2,000 megawatts of wind power generating capacity in Massachusetts by 2020. Currently, the state has under seven megawatts of capacity, and hundreds more on tap from proposed projects.

Smaller wind projects may be taking longer to complete because of a lengthy permitting process, according to a study on renewable energy that was prepared for Energy and Environmental Affairs and delivered to a state siting commission yesterday.

The study recommends that state officials consider making changes so that renewable energy projects are easier to develop and can take advantage of a streamlined “one-stop” permitting process.


1. kevin fitzgerald - May 8, 2009

Wind power is an ideal way for municiplies (towns and cities), to raise revenue for their own electric bills by selling back to the electric company or at least sell back to their own towns at a reduced rate. Household incomes are always getting squeezed but big monopolies are always increasing their multi-billion dollar profit margins. No balance.

2. Scott Winfield - June 24, 2009

I’ve met with the guys from Aeronautica, and they are on top of the wind energy market for mid-sized turbines, which is exactly what our shopping mall needs. We contacted them to see about feasibility, and it turns out they do everything from computer wind studies to feasibility to turbine placement and service. We are looking forward to working with them to erect a turbine at our place and start using wind power!

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