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How the Baby Bells got back together April 17, 2009

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When AT&T agreed to divest its local telecom business in 1984, it was divided into Baby Bells that represented the seven major regions of the United States. Over the past 25 years, these companies have merged, and four of them are back under the AT&T umbrella. Briefly, here is where the original Baby Bells are now:

1995: Southwestern Bell changes its name to SBC.

1996: New England-based NYNEX is acquired by fellow RBOC Bell Atlantic.

1997: Pacific Telesis is acquired by SBC.

1999: SBC acquires Ameritech, making it the dominant phone company throughout the midwestern United States.

2000: Bell Atlantic acquires GTE and changes its name to Verizon; the company is now the dominant player in the Northeastern united States. Qwest Communications acquires Baby Bell U.S. West, making it the major phone company in most of the western United States.

2005: SBC buys AT&T

2006: AT&T buys BellSouth, the last of the original RBOCs

2008: FairPoint buys Verizon’s landline ILEC operations in the northern New England states, first ever takeover of a former RBOC territory in the continental United States.


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