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GamerDNA.com : New Gamer Social Network Site Opens in Cambridge April 15, 2009

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A new social networking site for Gamers has opened in Cambridge. The site is called GamerDNA.com, and they are funded by Flybridge Capital Partners of Boston. From the site’s ‘About’ page:

gamerDNA is the place to build and express your unique gamer identity. We want to help you discover, extend and better enjoy games from wherever you play online.
At the core of our company is the gamerDNA Discovery Engine, powered by a database of gameplay patterns and passionate feedback from gamers like you. By applying the collective intelligence of our community, we’re able to understand why you play the games you do, so:

* You can uncover new games you’ll enjoy
* Game developers can design better games with the features you’ll want
* You gain a powerful new voice in the world of games

Getting started is easy… Just let us know where you play (Console, PC, Mobile) and well automatically update your achievements, scores, characters, etc. and transport your gamerDNA anywhere you want to go on the Internet, including popular social media sites like Twitter.
Beyond social media sites, gamerDNA is also working with popular fansites, blogs and gaming communities to make gamerDNA a part of your experience elsewhere on the Web. Our Alliance Network of over 4 million gamers includes some of the largest gaming communities around the world including, WoWJutsu.com, ElitistJerks.com and MapleTip.com.

Our mantra is to know gamers better than any company in the world so we listen carefully to what you have to say about games and are constantly striving to learn what you love about them.”


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