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Boston Game Developer’s Meeting Tonight (Tuesday, April 14th) in Waltham! 7-10pm @ The Skellig Pub April 14, 2009

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There will be a meeting tonight (Tuesday, April 14th) of the Boston Post Mortem Game Developer’s Group in Waltham, at the Skellig Pub on Moody Street, from 7pm to 10pm. http://www.bostonpostmortem.org

From Their Web Site’s Post regarding tonight’s event:

“For our April meeting, we have Steve Meretzky doing his talk, “Bring Back the Fun”:

“Is game development less fun than it used to be, and if so why and what can we do about it? The answers, it turns out, lie in the birth of the American industrial revolution and the Australian wine industry. Intrigued? No? Well, then stay home and work on your taxes, you last-minute slackers.”

As a side note, Steve will soon be moving out of our great state of Massachusetts, so this will also be your final chance to throw rotten vegetables at him for the foreseeable future. Don’t miss out!


Tuesday, April 14th @ 7pm – 10pm
The Skellig, Waltham

Our sponsors are the Independent Game Conference East, which is coming to Boston May 7-8, and Mary Margaret Network! We’re not completely finalized on whether it’s food, drink. or both being sponsored, but we’ll keep you in the loop.”

In order to sign up for the Boston Post Mortem Group’s Email List, Click Here

If you loved, as I did, the 80’s text-based adventure games from Infocom like Planetfall, Zork Zero, and Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, then you won’t want to miss this event:

Some quotes regarding Steve Meretzky, most recently of Blue Fang Games, creators of Zoo Tychoon, and headquartered in Waltham’s Reservoir Place office park on Trapelo Road:

“Meretzky’s resume reads like the contents of a ‘Best Of’ compilation.”
— PC Gamer

“The funniest man in the business.”
— Zero

“Seeing the words ‘Steve Meretzky’ on a game box is akin to seeing the words ‘The Beatles’ on an album.”
— Compuserve Online Reviews

“The Steven Spielberg of adventure games.”
— Compute’s PC & PCjr


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